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Pizza dough with Ucook Garlic and fine herbs

Ingredients: (2 – 3 pizzas)

225 g of white flour

150 g of durum

2 dl of warm water

30 g of fresh yeast

60 g of Ucook Garlic and fine herbs

1 teaspoon of salt

1 pinch of sugar

2 zucchini

Ucook BBQ



Add water, yeast and sugar and mix until the yeast is solved.

Add the flour, Ucook Garlic and fine herbs and salt.

Knead the dough for minimum 10 minutes until you get an elastic dough.

Let the dough rest underneath a plastic foil on a warm location.

Meanwhile, cut the zucchini in its length into long strings. Rub them in with Ucook BBQ and bake on the grill.

Knead the dough a second time shortly. Divide it into three equal balls (approximately 150g each). Roll these out with a rolling pin until you get a pizza crust of approximately 30 cm in section and 0,5cm thickness. Preheat the oven on 250°C.

Spread the zucchini on the pizza. Bake for 7-10 minutes. Drip some Ucook BBQ on the pizza to finish with.

Wrap or Taco

Wrap or Taco with Summerfresh and Thai

Ingredients: (6 pieces)

6 tortilla wraps

600g of chicken

80g of Ucook Thai

100g of Philadelphia cheese

30 g of Ucook Summerfresh

2 red pickled peppers 

Some Lettuce

120g Grated cheese

Ucook BBQ


Bake the chicken with the Thai in a pan.

Mix the philadelphia with the Summerfresh and put min. 1 spoon on a wrap. 

Put the chicken strips on top together with the lettuce and strips of peppers.

Fold the wrap and finisch with de grated cheese mixed with BBQ. Lay this under a grill for a few minutes and enjoy a bomb of flavours.


Burger with Barbecue, Tandoori and Algerienne

Ingredients: (6 pieces)

6 burger buns

6 tablespoons of Ucook BBQ

6 burgers

2 oignons

4 tablespoons of Ucook Algerienne

100g of tomato ketchup

30 g of Ucook Tandoori

Some Lettuce


Bake the oignons with the Algerienne.

Poor some Ucook BBQ on the bun and heat under the grill.

Put the baked burger on top, add the oignons and ketchup mixed with the Tandoori.

Finish with fresh lettuce and enjoy!

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