The Ucook products have something specific: they help you to prepare an original and refined dish, easily and quickly.

The product contains oil and a unique blend of dried spices

and herbs.


Herbal oil with green herbs and a pronounced garlic flavour. Delicious as a marinade for meat and fish, in dishes with bread, fresh cheese, potatoes, etc.

Fresh lemon oil, herbs and juniper. Perfect for adding a touch of summer to your dishes. Delicious with all your fish, fresh cheese and vegetable dishes.

This light spicy oil with southern herbs and spices gives a deeper dimension to your dish. Combines well with meat, fish, seafood, dips and bread dishes.

This light spicy oil with southern herbs and spices gives a deeper dimension to your dish. It's the same taste as the Tandoori but with a deeper red coulor. Combines well with meat, fish, seafood, dips and bread dishes.

Spicy and sweet oil with onion pieces. Good to combine with meat and bread. Gives a spicy & sweet touch to your preparation.

Slightly spicy oil with dried herbs and Mediterranean spices. Gives a nice combination of colours in your dish, ideal to combine with pasta, vegetables and fish.

To add a full and rich flavour to your cooking, simply add this oil with barbecue spices and herbs. Especially delicious with meat, bread and potato dishes.

Red oil with the main flavor of cumin and herbes de Provence. Gives a great red colour to your preparation. Nice to add in oriental dishes or in sauces or meat preparations.

Bright red marinade with a touch typically mexican through the spicy ingredients and a slight smoky taste. Very tasty on chicken, meat and bread.

Dark red marinade with a spicy final taste and an oriental character due to the presence of cumin, ginger and coriander. Goes very well on the chicken, pizza and in wok and tajine preparations.



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Oil for the enrichment of the flavors of all your dishes: taco, pizza, meat, poultry, fish, bread, fresh cheese, potatoes, vegetables, etc.


This is top priority. As part of our quality strategy, we have implemented a well thought-out ERP system in order to guarantee full traceability. Moreover, we have a strict quality policy and we place high demands on our employees and suppliers. This is how we obtain our IFS certificate every year.

In addition, we also own Bio, Halal, Kosher, RSPO certificates for

a variety of our products.


The companies Clarys Food Ingredients and Willich Tauchmassen have been affiliated since 2015. In addition four brands have united under the slogan ‘4 brands with 1 vision’. 

Each boosting the same structures and philosophies centred on a single guiding principle: the development, production and sale of innovative, customer-oriented solutions especially for the food industry.

Willich is specialized in fluids and coatings 


Clarys is specialized in powdermixes 


Ucook is the brand for oilbased herbs and spices


M4E stands for the magnet technology for stable emulsions & dispersions



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