Ucook foodtruck at Metro and Makro

Starting from October 18th we will be present at the stores of Makro and Metro with our Ucook foodtruck to prepare the most delicious appetizers with our marinades. Feel free to stop by and taste them!

You can find us on following days at Makro/Metro:

18/10: Metro Wevelgem

19/10: Makro Eke

24/10: Metro Evergem

25/10: Metro Antwerpen Noord

26/10: Metro Antwerpen Zuid

6/11: Makro Deurne

7/11: Metro Sint-Katelijne-Waver

14/11: Makro Machelen

15/11: Makro Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

16/11: Metro Brussel

21/11: Metro Vorst

22/11: Makro Lodelinsart

28/11: Makro Alleur

29/11: Metro Luik

5/12: Metro Hasselt

6/12: Metro Namen

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