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Ucook is a quality mark for sauces, dressings, and marinades which are produced through close cooperation between the various companies in the Clarys-Willich group.


Our products are used in the manufacturing, commercial & catering sectors, as well as by the hobby cook.


Easily create your own dishes


Our products are honest, qualitative, user-friendly and versatile. With versatile, we refer to the fact that they are not limited to marinating fish and meat only.


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Bold flavours


Ucook today is synonymous with innovation, commitment, and quality. The multicultural influences and international nature of the Clarys-Willich group, help to continuously develop many new, balanced and bold flavours for sauces, marinades, and dressings.


For this, we look for the choicest herbs, spices, and aromatics available in the world markets. These are extensively tested by both our in-house and external (professional chefs and flavour houses) team of flavour experts & explorers.


Extensive application and laboratory facilities with numerous technological capabilities raise Ucook to the highest culinary level.


The team


Our team will always give their best, not only for tailor-made products but also for private labels or quality standard products in the range. Furthermore, we remain alert to the latest trends and hypes.


Our team is young and dynamic with a passionate culinary interest, supplemented by advice from professional chefs and industrial users.


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One of our objectives is to continue to innovate and surprise with new combinations and application possibilities. Further development aimed at the consumer market is now prominent.